Are you planning to sell your totaled or wrecked car in a salvage yard? Are you not satisfied with the price quote provided by the junkyard you have called? Allow us to help you by giving you important tips to remember when selling your junk car.


1. Identify the extent of damage to your vehicle. Check if it is beyond repair or if it can still be used when repaired. A vehicle that is still running has a higher value than a totally wrecked junk car. Write the details on a piece of paper, your notebook or enter the information in your smartphone's notepad to be prepared when calling junkyards in your area.


2. You can use a vehicle valuation tool such as the Kelley Blue Book to get a rough estimate of how much you'll likely get from your vehicle.


3. Locate and prepare your car's title and registration. This will prove that you are the owner of the car. The junkyard won't purchase your junk car without this important document because it is not permitted by the law. Know the scrap car value here!


4. Clear your junk car with any of your personal items like left old driving documents, ID's, kid's stuff toy, towel, your old iPod and even your license plates. Some items be a source of your personal information, so ensure they are all removed from your vehicle.


5. Check applicable state laws and regulations about salvage vehicle requirements needed and legal protocols to ensure that you're not violating anything. Visit this website at and learn more about junk cars.


6. Contact different junkyards or salvage lots in your area to get a rough estimate of how much your junk car will cost but be prepared with all the details you have written down to ensure an accurate quote.


7. It is essential to ask your prospective junkyard about their protocol regarding transferring your junk car from your home to the salvage lot. Most junkyard pays higher if the seller brings the junk car to them.


8. Check other options to get the most money for your car like dismantling it yourself or hiring a towing company to transfer it to the salvage lot.


9. Returning license plates for cancellation of registration is required.



10.  Contact us if you're looking for a trusted, reputable and reliable junkyard so you can sell your junk car with the maximum value you can get. Feel free to visit our website for more details, get the most for your junk car here!